provides unbiased expert reviews and ratings of top dating sites. To ensure the most comprehensive and accurate information possible, we create accounts at each of the sites we review and test each site extensively. Our ratings are based on both our own experience as well as feedback from other users. In addition to our reviews, we provide a comprehensive list of free trials and coupons for all the major dating services available on the web today.

How we rate each site creates accounts at each dating site and tests the various features available. We also interact with the membership of each site to gauge the quality and responsiveness of active members, and also contact customer service to see how quickly issues are addressed. Many other factors are taken into consideration and plugged into our rating system to come up with a star rating for top dating sites, with 5 stars being the highest rating.

5-star sites are the cream of the crop in the dating world. These sites often have an extensive membership base with lots of active members, robust features, excellent matchmaking tools and great customer support.
These sites are excellent and definitely worthy of consideration. Usually, these sites are comparable to 5-star sites, but have one or two shortcomings, such as a smaller membership base.
Sites rated 4 stars are good, solid dating sites but may not appeal to all users. The sites in these categories usually have a smaller and less active membership. They can include niche sites or sites that have a somewhat limited scope.

or below
We don't recommend signing up with any sites that are rated 3 1/2 stars or below. These sites may still be decent, but given that there are plenty of better sites to choose from, we don't feel it is worth paying the price for sites in this category.

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Free Trials for Dating Sites

We offer free trials for many major dating sites. Free trials vary in length, and we will be adding new offers on an ongoing basis. If you sign up for any of these offers, please bear in mind when the trial period expires. Currently, here are the most popular free trials we have to offer: