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By Jill Hoffman at / Rating: 3.0 out of 5

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plentyoffish screenshotThere is an old saying that "you get what you pay for". Given that Plentyoffish is the largest free dating site in the world, we decided to see if there is any truth to this saying. Ultimately, we found that Plentyoffish had lots of potential but unfortunately left most users disappointed due to certain flaws. But given the fact that the site is free, it's a good option for people who can't afford the better dating sites out there.

At first glance, we were impressed with everything Plentyoffish had to offer. They had a clean site that wasn't exactly pretty, but very user-friendly and easy to get around. They also feature a personality questionnaire you can take, which consists of 73 questions. The answers you provide are used to find matches for you. This aspect of the site is similar to the matchmaking system eHarmony offers, although eHarmony's test is far more comprehensive. Once you finish the test, you can begin using the site.

Plenty of Fish Personality Test

There were a few creative features at Plentyoffish that we found interesting. One is the ability to send virtual gifts along with a message to people you like. You need to have "Goldfish credits" to send such gifts, which you can buy for $9.95 (90 credits). Using these credits, you can send things like virtual roses, heart cookies, brandy, diamonds, and even voodoo dolls, among other interesting choices. By selecting the type of gift you send you can express a bit about your character.

The site is 100% free to use, but there are upgrade features available. For instance, if you pay anywhere from $6.78 - $11.80 per month, you can have your profile more prominently featured in the Meet Me section of the site. Other benefits include access to unlimited Goldfish credits and the ability to see if your emails have been read.

Now for the bad part. As far as features go, Plentyofofish is definitely decent, but we've run across a high number of customers who were dissatisfied using the service. Most of the feedback we got were complaints about the quality of members and an inability to get results. We suspect this is partially due to the fact that the site is free, so the people who join may not feel as dedicated as people who pay $30 - $50 a month for other dating sites. Whatever the reason, you should be aware that many people have noted that it's harder to connect with people using a site like Plentyoffish. To improve your chances of having a good experience with the site, we recommend at a minimum that you purchase the upgrade if you decide to join Plentyoffish.

Plentyoffish Cheat Sheet


  • Basic personality questionnaire used for finding matches
  • Search other members
  • "Ultra" matching services available for an upgrade
  • Send virtual gifts by buying Goldfish points


  • Plentyoffish's standard features are 100% free
  • The site is easy to use
  • Basic matchmaking system is free
  • Relatively feature-rich site
  • 30 million registered users


  • Overall feedback from users tend to be negative
  • Members seem less responsive and flakier than members at other dating sites
  • Because it's free, some Internet marketers post fake profiles in Plentyoffish and try to make money off lonely members

  Standard Membership:

  • Free

     Upgraded Membership:

  • 3 months - $11.80/month / $35.40
  • 6 months - $8.50/month / $51.00
  • 6 months - $6.78/month / $81.40

Some Considerations Before Joining a Free Dating Sites:

When we interviewed various online daters, we got mixed reactions about the idea of using free dating sites. On the one hand, some people liked the fact that you had the opportunity to meet someone without paying a monthly fee. But others felt that they may not be interested in dating someone who could not afford $30 - $50 a month for a regular dating site. Therefore, before joining a site like Plentyoffish, it would be a good idea to assess where you stand on this issue. If you are the frugal type and want to connect with someone like-minded in this regard, you may very well find what you are looking for at Plentyoffish. If money is not a serious issue for you, however, you will likely be better off joining a site like

But if this is not the case, then be honest with yourself. For example, if you like going to fancy restaurants, shopping at high-end stores, and living life lavishly, then Plentyoffish may not be the ideal place to look for a partner.

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